Don’t let a small space limit your big dreams of gardening! Cultivate your creativity with a container garden for your yard or balcony, even your living room!
Outdoor Furniture

Our backyards are the most flexible entertaining space we have. It can be the playroom, the kitchen, the living room, the dining room, and the retreat… all in one.
Home Decor & Gifts

From local to handcrafted, and everything in between, our gift shop is the perfect place to find something special!
Annuals & Tropicals

Look to Logan’s “One Stop Garden Shop” for lush, hardy local plants from local growers.

Perennials are a key element in any garden, providing reliable color and texture for every season, every year.
Trees & Shrubs

Whether you prefer a formal landscape or a lush woodland garden, we have lots of options.

Logan’s has over 900 varieties of seeds available year round available in our Garden Shop!

We all know that plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, but have you ever thought about how this can benefit you around the house?

Logan’s is your “One Stop” outdoor bird center.