Greengoods Buyer

Garden Center in Raleigh looking for an experienced buyer for green goods departments. This position requires an individual who has experience and knowledge with: trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, houseplants, edibles, pest and disease control and the varying watering and maintenance needs of each plant.

Candidate must be well-organized, able to multi-task and comfortable with computers and inventory. Applicant must be assertive in negotiating deals with vendors and managing personnel. An outgoing and friendly disposition with customers is required as sales floor interaction will be expected on a regular basis.

Must be comfortable working in all weather conditions. Saturdays are required.  5+ years experience in the industry is required. References are required. Please include salary requirements with resume. Serious inquiries only.


Specific job requirements below:


  • Actively works to achieve or exceed stated goals, as set by owners and management.
  • Stay apprised of new products, trends, guests’ interests and requests.
  • Forge mutually beneficial relationships with vendors.
    • Seek out new vendors able to supplement supplies or improve costs over existing vendors.
    • Extend sales season by having backup suppliers, when main supplier runs out.
  • Select vendors based on merchandise quality and selection, cost and ability to deliver when needed.
  • Give new vendor information to Inventory staff, including company name, phone, fax, and address, payment due information, contact name and email.
  • Plan purchases and negotiate deals with vendors to facilitate sales and profit margin growth, as well as to increase the perceived value of LTC to guests.
  • Monitor sales to insure consistent product availability, without acquiring inventory that can’t be maintained or sold in a timely manner. 
  • Pre-plan buys for seasonal events, door busters, LTC exclusives and other added value offers. 
  • Pre-book seasonally, when required.


  • Check products against load list to verify correct count, accurate pre-tagging, and product quality.
  • Return inferior products and/or call vendor to request credit.
  • Promptly notify Inventory staff about returned products and/or credit requests.
  • Make sure all plants are clearly and correctly tagged.


  • Move product to the retail floor as soon as possible, clearly tagged with a correct price and SKU. 
  • Request and post informational and pricing signs.
  • Keep tables fully stocked with products displayed in an attractive, easy to shop manner.
  • Oversee the integration of Green Goods and tie-ins throughout the sales area.
  •  Maintain plant’s health and appeal by watering, pruning, fertilizing and repotting, as needed.
  • If a product is slow moving, relocate it. 
  • If a product does not start to sell after having been relocated, consider a promotion or sale.


  • Coordinate new SKUs with Inventory prior to plants being moved to the retail floor.
  • Put SKUs and any product credit information on vendor invoices to turn in to Inventory.
  • Use Eagle to monitor inventory, sales, turns, and profitability.
  • Lead cycle counts. Conduct interim counts, when Quantity on Hand seems inconsistent with stock on the floor.
  • Stay alert for receiving, tagging, ticketing, loading or POS situations that can affect accuracy of inventory and decreased profitability. 
  • Maintain an Inventory Adjustment list to report shrinkage to Inventory no later than 5 business days prior to the end of each month.



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