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Plant PharmacyWeeding A Corner of the Vegetable Garden

From the first seed planted to the bountiful harvest of flowers, edibles and lush landscapes, Logan’s has everything to guide your success.

A small selection in the Garden Shop:

  • Tools to cultivate, plant, weed, prune, or water, we’ve got you covered.
  • Over 100 flower, herb and vegetable seeds selected for success in our area, including heirloom and organic varieties.
  • Fertilizers, soil amendments and watering solutions
  • Garden chemicals to cure or deter what ails your garden, whether it’s a fungus, insect or animal, including numerous organic solutions.
  • Propagation supplies: pots, flats and liners, domes, root stimulants and more.
  • Maintenance is a breeze with row cover, bird netting, rakes, kneeling pads, trugs, totes and tool carriers.


The Plant Doctor is In!Photo Sep 30, 2 51 08 PM

Even the healthiest plants periodically need some assistance and the garden shop can help!

If possible, bring in samples as follows:

1 healthy leaf
1 leaf showing early symptoms
1 leaf further along (more damage)

You may also bring in a photo to show the extent of the overall damage to the plant. We’ll work on a solution together.








Bumper Crop

Bumper Crop, made by our friends from Coast of Maine, is one of our most highly recommended products. This organic soil amendment is super-charged with myccorhizae, worm castings, kelp meal & dehydrated poultry manure. Listen to what 2 of our experts, Hope & Kirsten have to say!










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